Cushions and Interiors

As much as the look of your reupholstered piece of furniture, in finish and fabric style is of paramount importance, all this would be in vain if it actually wasn’t comfortable to sit on. With this in mind, we will assist you in choosing the best option, regarding cushions and interiors.

There are various options available when it comes to your back and seat cushions. Each customer, and each piece of furniture may require a different solution. Finding the right blend of interiors is something worth spending some time on.

Traditionally, horse hair and feathers have both played a major part in the make up of cushion interiors, and these are still relevant today, especially where antique pieces of furniture are concerned. We can supply both of these in made to measure form.

Foam and dacron fibre are the modern-day equivalents and we supply these made to measure for you from our local manufacturer (Yorkshire foam and fibre). Foam rubber makes an ideal seat pad, coming in various densities as some people require a firmer cushion than others. It has a very long-life span and can be cut and shaped to fit exactly. Fibre pads made from dacron are softer, generally suit being used as back cushions. They can also be made to measure. We have sample pieces of these products which you can try in your own home to assist you in making the correct choice.

In addition to supplying new cushion interiors when we fully reupholster your furniture, we also offer the service of just replacing the pads. A sofa that is in good condition regarding wear and tear to the frame, may just need some new cushion pads. You can then gain many more years use from it. A simple and cost effective solution for a seemingly tired and lifeless sofa. This is a straight forward procedure. Just send us an email with your cushion cover dimensions(roughly) we will then provide a quote. If accepted the work can be carried out in a matter of days.

We are happy to collect/deliver bulky items in the Sheffield locality.


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